51105 – Celia

1 Year
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Update 3/25/19 – Celia had previously been documented as a female — apologies for the paperwork mix-up – he’s (as of now) a neutered male. While Celia had been acting quite normal as a newcomer to the front of the shelter —  he escaped his kennel, and appeared very unhappy, even toward shelter staff… in a way that was not very safe for shelter visitors. Based on Celia’s behavior, over a few days, it was determined that he will be happier as a barn cat. Just this week, he went to the vet, where he was neutered, vaccinated, and will head to his barn home later this week! So excited for this cool young man.

This lovely lady came to the shelter as a stray, but we feel like she has lived in a home recently, because she’s in great shape, and she absolutely loves people. Celia has gorgeous amber-colored eyes and a soft, shiny coat of brown tabby fur, and a personality of gold. She’s a relaxed young lady, who seems to like other cats, as she was trying to play with the cat in the neighboring kennel, during my visit.  We believe that Celia will make a great addition to most any household, including one with children and/or other pets. Come meet this gem today!