51093 – Blackie

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6-12 months
Male – neutered!
75 pounds
Heartworm negative!
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Update from another successful Doggie-Day-Out 6/11: Blackie and I had an amazing day out today! We went to the park where he practiced his leash skills and has already responded to heel! What a show off!
He did wonderful with everything he encountered including new humans, kids, other dogs and all sorts of other wild life. He is the sweetest boy who has a curiosity for life.
He loves to explore, get pets, and of course, chick-fil-a nugs! This boy would be the epitome of man’s best friend!

Update from Blackie’s Doggie-Day-Out 6/2: Meet Blackie! I just got back from taking him out on a nice hike and dip in the lake. He’s a wonderful dog, been at the shelter since mid-March, and needs some confidence boosting.
He’s scared to get in the car, but once he’s in, he’s a great rider. He’s never experienced any life out in the world and it is very evident. It almost made me cry. I took him down to the water on a 20ft lead and he went right in, full speed ahead, 15 feet or so before he panicked and realized he wasn’t on solid ground anymore. I stayed and encouraged him to get back in the water and by the end he seemed to really like it and was trying to catch the minnows.
He’d love an outdoorsy person to taking him under their wing and into their home and understand that everything is brand new to him. This is the result of a life lived on a chain. Once we bonded over so many new experiences, he was continuously looking over his shoulder to make sure I was still there. He’s super sweet and will make someone very happy and how sweet of an experience to see him have so many ‘firsts’ !

Update 4/24: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Blackie is neutered and up-to-date on his basic vaccinations!

Update 4/10: Blackie has come soooo far since coming to the pound. When I first met him, he’d dart away when I’d get close. Now, he comes to me for treats and will stand beside me for some quick pets. He even let me tie a bandanna around his neck! He loves other dogs and has a great time in an interaction pen. He’s learned what it’s like to be loved and have fun–I hope he finds a forever home and that continues!

Update 4/5: Blackie has tested NEGATIVE for heartworms! In addition, we took him to the cat shelter today and while cat-testing dogs in the shelter setting is not a great indication of how they would do in a home, he was not aggressive to the cats in this setting. He was curious about them but in a restrained manner and as soon as he was hissed at, he backed off without any complaints. He’s a good pup and a little uncertain of life generally, so we are hoping he finds an adopter who will help him with his confidence.

When I first met Blackie, he was nervous about being at the pound. He’d lie at his gate watching people and other dogs walk by, but he wasn’t quite sure about leaving his kennel. Each time I passed, I’d talk to him (Blackie is his real name), and eventually he thought he’d try some time outside. He liked being outdoors and running along the fence with other dogs, but he still wasn’t comfortable and not ready to come to me for pets or treats. He made progress, however, and began to step closer before darting away. Eventually, Blackie decided it was time to go and let me leash him and scratch his back. He’s really just a big puppy, and I imagine he’ll come around soon. Until that happens, you might want to leave the leash on him in an interaction pen. He needs time to feel safe in his new environment.

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