51093 – Blackie

6-12 months
75 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 3/18
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Why choose me?

When I first met Blackie, he was nervous about being at the pound. He’d lie at his gate watching people and other dogs walk by, but he wasn’t quite sure about leaving his kennel. Each time I passed, I’d talk to him (Blackie is his real name), and eventually he thought he’d try some time outside. He liked being outdoors and running along the fence with other dogs, but he still wasn’t comfortable and not ready to come to me for pets or treats. He made progress, however, and began to step closer before darting away. Eventually, Blackie decided it was time to go and let me leash him and scratch his back. He’s really just a big puppy, and I imagine he’ll come around soon. Until that happens, you might want to leave the leash on him in an interaction pen. He needs time to feel safe in his new environment.