51090 – York

2 years
14 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 3/18
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Why choose me?

York is a handsome little guy. He’d just come in when I took him out for pictures and was worried about being at the pound. I held him for a while and then carried him to an interaction pen, where he began to calm. York definitely likes being held. Once I put him down, he was bold enough to explore and meet Moo at the fence. They touched noses, and things seemed to click. Now, York was happily trotting about the pen enjoying himself. He’d even come to me for a few pets. Later in the day, when I checked on York in his puppy kennel, he was hopping at the gate letting me know he was ready to come out again. He’s a nice dog and will be a great companion for whoever adopts him!