51087 – Tootsie

1 year
8.7 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 3/17
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Why choose me?

Tootsie is a happy-go-lucky girl full of joy. She sits quietly in her bed in the puppy room, but as soon as you open her kennel, she pops up ready to enjoy the day with a friend. She’s so cute prancing on a leash. Tootsie can entertain herself, or she’s happy to share your lap. Hold up a treat, and she responds by showing your how well she can hop on her hind legs. She can sit as well, but hopping is so much fun! Tootsie is a darling girl. She could use a trim–the better to see that sweet little face. So hopefully, she’ll find a new family to love and get to enjoy an afternoon of pampering at a doggie spa!