51079 – Badger

1 year
15 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 3/14
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Why choose me?

Badger is adorable with his unique gray, sable, and white coloring. When his ears were up, I couldn’t help but think of how he reminded me of a mini husky–minus the fluffy tail and fuller coat! He’s a sweet, friendly little guy who likes being held. What was really on his mind, however, was playing with Rambler and Batman. They were racing along the fence, and Badger wanted to join in. He ran with them on his side of the fence but was disappointed that he couldn’t be in the middle of it all. When the game was over, he entertained himself by exploring the interaction pen until I picked him up. That was fine, too, because Badger is up for whatever you want to do!