51078 – Georgie

$600 in sponsorship funds available to rescue group!
Georgie also has sponsorship towards his heartworm treatment costs & training for an adopter or rescue; contact us to learn more!

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Watch Georgie at UGA’s Paws and Relax event!

2 years
Male – neutered!
57 pounds
Heartworm positive 🙁
Available as of 3/7
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Georgie’s Paws and Relax Event Update 5/6: Georgie, therapy dog for stressed out, finals-bound students at UGA. Part of UGA Libraries’, Paws and Relax event, Georgie gave and received loads of affection and comforted a crying student. I’m so proud of this baby boy.
Other notables from the day:
* Georgie was 25 feet away from two Pomeranians, a Shih Tzu, and other little floofs for 2 hours. He showed no interest and ZERO signs of aggression when the Shih Tzu got away from its handler and ran towards him barking
* Georgie received food treats and pets from a two year old and five year old
* Georgie rides well in the truck and did not attempt to come up front
* Georgie is easy to redirect with verbal cues and toys. He loved the squeaky Hammerhead Shark toy!

Georgie’s Doggie-Day-Out Update 4/28: Georgie had a blast riding in the car, hiking trails, and being with a friend who cares about him. If Georgie had his forever home then everyday would be just as special!

Update 4/26: Georgie also has sponsorship for an adopter or rescue towards his heartworm treatment costs & training; contact us to learn more!

Update 4/17: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Georgie is now neutered and up-to-date on his basic vaccinations!

Update 3/25: Georgie is an affectionate dog and will lean against you as you pet him. Even after all he’s been through, he loves being with people and wants to please. He also loves treats and his whole face lights up when you have him sit to earn them. Georgie is putting on weight and looks so much better than when he first arrived. He’s a sweetheart who deserves a better life!

Georgie was recently surrendered with two other dogs as the result of an animal cruelty case. He was just coming back from the visit to the vet when I greeted him, and he was very excited to come out in the interaction pen with me! Georgie was a little nervous at first, but after a little while he warmed up to me and stayed by my side! He has experience living with other dogs and would make a great companion for someone looking for a buddy! Unfortunately, Georgie is heartworm positive. He’s also not at a healthy weight to be neutered and needs follow up concerning his cruelty case, so he’s only available to rescues at this time. Let’s hope a rescue saves Georgie so he has a chance for a better life!

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Georgie has $600 sponsorship for rescue!

He also has sponsorship for an adopter or rescue towards his heartworm treatment costs & training; contact us to learn more!