51077 – Snipe

Rescue Only – Medical and Cruelty Case

2 years
42 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 3/7
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Why choose me?

Snipe has had a rough life, but that doesn’t keep him from being a sweet dog. He loves pets and attention, and the first time I reached to stroke the side of his head, he pressed against my hand enjoying each caress. It broke my heart to see him so malnourished and to know that he’s spent his life on a chain. Still, he wanted to be loved. I gave him a few bits of treats (I’m sure he’s on a special diet), and he sat for them and wanted to please me to earn more. Snipe was surrendered with Georgie and another dog who unfortunately didn’t make it. He’s only available to rescues because he’s not at a healthy weight to be neutered and needs follow up concerning his cruelty case. He’s a handsome, sweet dog who’s just beginning to find out what it’s like to play and be loved. Let’s hope a rescue saves him so he can have a chance for a better life!