51066 – Buddy

2 years
63 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 3/12
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Why choose me?

Buddy is such a handsome dog with his bright eyes, adorable bat-like ears, and black and white coat. He came in with his best friend Sophie. Unfortunately, their owner can’t care for them, and they’ve ended up at the pound. At first, Buddy was all business checking out every scent in the pen. He was friendly and welcomed a few pets, but it was his mission to know every inch of the interaction pen. Then I brought Sophie in to join us. His eyes lit up, and it was time to celebrate. He watched Sophie wagging her tail with every pet and having a party with treats and wanted to join in. They were good about taking turns for treats and showing me how well they could sit. I liked watching Buddy and Sophie together; they get along well, love each other, and had fun running together. They’re both sweet, wonderful dogs waiting for forever homes!