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Update from Trent’s training session 7/12: Trent completed his second session with trainer Adriana of Georgia Dog Trainer LLC. He’s improving leash skills, learning “Heel”, “Stay”, “Place”, and “Release”. These are pretty impressive accomplishments for Trent, who came to Animal Control as a “blank slate”.
A large part of Trent’s progress is that he is learning to learn… and he’s enjoying it. In both sessions, Trent’s eyes were bright, his tail was wagging, and he was having fun. He loved the praise, positive reinforcements, and, of course, the treats. The Animal Control environment makes it difficult for the dogs to focus and concentrate, so the training is taking place in off site locations.
A big THANK YOU to Adriana for helping Trent make progress toward a new life.

Trent’s 6/14 Doggie-Day-Out: Trent went out on a doggy day trip with me and my partner this Friday! This little guy really surprised us and melted out hearts as we walked him around Athens. Not only does he look adorable, he is a huge sweetheart. When we meet Trent we didn’t initially realize how sweet and calm he would turn out to be. His excitement at the kennel can be a little misleading, but when we arrived in Athens he showed us his true colors.
Trent was amazing on the leash and was quick to sit when I told him to, even without treats. When we finally got to the park he truly enjoyed running around and playing with me. But after a while he seemed to just wish to go on for a long walk when he had gotten his silly’s out. He might pull at the leash at times when walking, however, he is easy to control when he does.
Trent is very loving, and greets every stranger passing by as a new friend. He was even petted by a toddler and did very well, so he seems to not mind children. He just genuinely loves being pet! When we sat down for some lunch he first got quite eager and had to check if the food was for him, but when I asked him to sit and turned my attention away from him he seemed to get it and calmly laid down beneath our chairs. All the way through our lunch he stayed calm, this guy really has some good manners!
Furthermore, Trent is exceptionally trusting and kind. Whenever I cuddled this boy he calmly sat down with me and just flopped into my embrace. I even got some kisses on our way back to the shelter. If you want a cuddle buddy, this guy has got your back! I was taken back by his sweet character, so please give this pup a minute or two when you visit Athens-Clarke Animal Control!

Trent’s Doggie-Day-Out 6/1: Trent, a resident at ACC Animal Control, spent a few hours at Memorial Park today. He saw geese and turtles and dogs, walked on wooded paths, and made a few new friends. He walked well on his leash and was quick to redirect his attention to me on the few times he became distracted. Trent didn’t like the two small poodles (who can blame him?) that walked by and he was a little too interested in the Golden Retriever that gave him “the stare”, but I thought this was a great day for him.
I found the biggest surprise to be how much he wanted to be by my side as we walked or sat. We stopped to rest on a bench and Trent hopped right up to sit next to me. We sat at a picnic table on the other side of the lake, and again he jumped up just to sit close. I discovered I have a real BUDDY, and I like it. Trent is a great buddy-in-waiting hoping his permanent buddy finds him soon.

Trent’s Doggie-Day-Out update 5/25:Trent, the second longest resident dog at ACC Animal Control, left the shelter today for a few hours of new experiences. He entered the shelter in early March as a high octane juvenile with few social skills and little training. We’ve recently been working on leash walking and behavior issues, and thought today would be a good time to see how he would behave outside the shelter. Trent did not disappoint!! After learning how to jump in and out of a car, he walked very well on a GentleLeader head collar, enjoyed walking through Lowe’s and greeting folks, loved walking through grass in the neighborhood, and loved, LOVED getting that shaved ice he’s heard so much about. If anyone is planning to visit the shelter or considering taking a dog out for a day, please think about Trent. He is the best kept secret at ACC Animal Control.

Update 4/9: Trent was feeling under the weather and spent some time at Firehall 4 Animal Hospital, but after getting patched up (and neutered!) there, he’s back at the shelter and ready to find his forever home!

Trent was a little uncertain about all the barking going on around him, but once we were beyond the noise from the kennels, I found out what a sweet boy he really is. Trent wants a friend, and once he’s your buddy, he loves coming to you for pets. He’s a good–natured dog who loves treats, praise, and being loved on. If he ran off to check out another dog at the fence or a sound that captured his attention, I only had to turn around and there he was again happily waiting for another pet. Show Trent that you care about him, and you’ve got a devoted friend!

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