51042 – Bleu

6-12 months
Male – neutered!
44 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 3/7
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Why choose me?

Update 3/6: Bleu is back at the pound. If he gets overstimulated, he can be mouthy and needs an experienced adopter who can help him focus and calm. He’s a playful teenage pup with a good heart. He just hasn’t found his right match!

Update from Bleu’s Doggie-Day-Out 2/10: Little boy Bleu got to get out and explore the world outside the Athens shelter today. He is still a little boy (puppy) and is still learning some basic manners and what he can and cannot chew on.
He went to Lowe’s and was very curious about everything and did great interacting with everyone. He had a great time exploring Sandy Creek nature trails and had to pick up every stick to put it to the chew test. Afterwards he got a pup cup of ice cream at dairy queen and then back to the shop for some relaxation before returning to the shelter. He is very playful since he is a pup but when it’s time to rest he had no problem falling asleep while laying on me.
I will continue to work with him on basic obedience and he made good progress today.

Update 2/1: Bleu was adopted but returned. His adopter works from home and having Bleu with him during his work day didn’t work out. We have learned that Bleu is house trained! He’s also neutered and up-to-date on his vaccinations. He’s still a sweet, playful boy and just needs his right match!

Bleu is such a good boy! He’s still a puppy but wise beyond his years. He’s respectful but outgoing! He loves learning how to play with new toys and showing them off to his friends! He’ll hand you his favorite toy and look up to you with sparkly eyes to let you know he wouldn’t choose anyone else to play with! He walked calmly on the leash and responded well to each of my corrections and cues; he is eager to learn. He’s a quick learner and already learned sit. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and would make the most perfect best friend! Come check this handsome boy out!