51017 – Lobo

1 year
Male – neutered!
60 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 2/16
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Why choose me?

Update 2/18: Lobo was adopted but returned. He loves children and did very well with the family’s dog, but he didn’t do well with the chickens on the property. He was back in step at the pound and immediately wanted to run and play with Joe in the interaction pen next to us. Afterwards, he was happy to come to me for treats, and while I couldn’t get him to sit, he was happy to hop up on the picnic table for them. I was glad to see Lobo’s leash skills have improved; he’s still strong but wasn’t pulling me along. Lobo is a good boy who’s still looking for his forever home–one with children and a canine playmate would suit him just fine but no chickens!

Lobo is a gorgeous dog. He’s also energetic and was so excited to leave his kennel that for part of our walk, he was doing a two-legged hop as he pulled me to the interaction pen. This boy was ready to run and little Violet was happy to join him along the fence. Lobo usually matched his pace with hers, but sometimes he just had to let it all out and race as fast as he could. When Violet left, Lobo ran to check me out, but at least for today, he needed a running buddy, and that wasn’t me. Lobo is a friendly boy who’d be a great companion for someone who loves the outdoors and being on the go as much as he does. He also needs someone who’s strong and can help him with his leash skills!