51003 – Shelly

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**Special $25 Adoption Fee!**

6-9 Months
Female – Spayed!
FIV & FeLV status n/a

Why choose me?

Update 6/5/19:  Shy little Shelly has really come out of her shell! She likes to ride on your shoulder as you bring her to an Interaction Room, where she loves to look out the window. Don’t forget to bring a brush, because she really loves to be stroked.  We want to bring attention to Shelly, because she oftentimes still hides under her cat bed, inside her shelter kennel. The shelter isn’t an ideal place for a meek lady like Shelly, but it’s so very clear that a relaxing home is the place where Shelly will thrive best.  As the cat shelter’s longest resident, Shelly has been waiting here since early March 2019.  Won’t you give this sweet little lady a chance at the happy life she deserves by adopting her into your home and into your heart?

Update 3/27: Thanks to a special donation to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Shelly has been spayed and brought up-to-date on her basic vaccinations!

Poor little Shelly came to the shelter in a trap on March 1st.  While at the shelter, she has been really afraid, spending almost all of her time hiding under the blankets/bed in her kennel. After a few days, shelter staff determined that she is not a feral cat… she is just very afraid of the shelter environment.  Shelly is not aggressive, as she hasn’t tried to claw or bite anyone. She doesn’t hiss or growl, either. The shelter can be a very scary place, with lots of strange noises, sights and smells. 

Thanks to dedicated volunteers, Shelly has shown that she has great potential as a house cat.  She now recognizes volunteers who have spent time with her, and she enjoys being petted by those wonderful folks. She still hides from strangers, but what we know for certain is that she needs a very patient, compassionate foster or adopter, who is willing to work with her in a home. Shelly needs a quieter place, with a secluded area of her own, where she can continue her steady progress in trusting humans. Will you please will give this sweet kitten a chance by fostering her or by adopting her into your home?


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