50997, 50998 – Calvin & Hobbes

4-5 Months
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 2/25/19

Why choose me?

These two ginger brothers came to the shelter as strays, but they are now looking for a much better life than living on the cold, dangerous streets. Calvin and Hobbes are friendly, gentle young men, who have impeccable manners. Most new arrivals to the shelter are afraid for a few days at first, but not Calvin and Hobbes! They were already maxin’ and relaxin’ when I met them. Both boys love to be petted, and they are both such hams for the camera. These brothers are pretty much twins, but you can tell them apart, because Calvin is larger than Hobbes. We hope you’ll consider adopting both of these boys together, as you can see in their photos that they love one another!