50988 – Naveen

4-6 Months
FIV & FeLV status n/a

Why choose me?

Handsome longhair kitten alert! Naveen resembles a Norwegian Forest Cat, with his fluffiness, gigantic plume tail, protruding ear tufts, and “wild” looking face.  Naveen likes to hang out with his siblings, Charming (ledger #50987) and Phillip (ledger #50989), but he is happiest when a human comes to play with him!  If you have a string toy or a jingle ball, Naveen is immediately captivated. He’s also an affectionate kitten! You’ll enjoy petting his soft, long coat of fur. Naveen looks a lot like his brother, Charming, but you can tell them apart, as Naveen has lighter-colored tabby markings – with more of a caramel hue.  Naveen is an active, social kitty, who will do best in a home with another kitty playmate. If you’ve got a friend for him already, we are sure Naveen will be thrilled. Otherwise, you could adopt Naveen with one or more of his siblings, so he will always have a playmate at hand!