50983, 50984, 50985 – Nugget, French Fry & Cheeseburger

3.5 Months
Females (50983, 50984) & Male (50985)
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 2/9/19 – Owner Surrender!
Nugget was Adopted!

French Fry & Cheeseburger were Rescued!

Why choose me?

Update 2/19/19: Nugget (Black & white kitten with the black nose) has been adopted. French Fry & Cheeseburger are still available!

These three litter-mates came to the shelter after their previous owner could no longer care for them.  The great news is that they are all healthy, outgoing, and are likely to fit in with most any household!  It’d be great for all three to be adopted together, but they can be adopted individually, as well.  Nugget (ledger #50983) is a very relaxed girl. She’s black & white, with a cute black nose. She will stretch and yawn for you, while hoping for some petting. French Fry (ledger #50984) is also black & white, with a pink nose. French Fry was the first to approach me when I opened the kennel door.  Cheeseburger (ledger #50985) is mostly black, with a cute white spot on his chest. He’s the only boy, and is the most cautious of the three siblings, but he loves people, as well, and came to greet me after a minute or two.  All three kittens are relaxed and social within a short time of meeting someone new.  You can get to know Nugget, French Fry & Cheeseburger by stopping by the shelter today!