50947 – King

4-6 months
25 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 2/12
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Why choose me?

You’re probably wondering what’s a cute, fluffy, female puppy doing with a name like King? Well, that’s her name, and I guess her owner figured why not? She’s definitely a ruler of fun! She’s also sweet and full of puppy energy! Not only does King like having fun with toys, she likes making up her own games. She was curious about Lobo in the pen next to us and engaged him in play. She’d hide under the picnic table and then charge out and play bow at the fence where he was standing. He’d bend to her level, and she’d take off running around the table before hiding to start the game again. They were so cute! King was reclaimed last December, and hopefully she’ll be reclaimed again. If not, she’s ready to share fun and games with a new family!