50945 – Taylor

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Taylor has bronchitis. The stress of being at ACCAC exacerbates her condition; she needs to get out the shelter and into a home as soon as possible.

15 years
Female – spayed!
58 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 2/3
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Update 2/13: Taylor seems to be feeling better after her vet visit this week. After some diagnostics, it isn’t clear that she has a collapsing trachea after all, but she does have tracheal bronchitis which is why her breathing is so labored. She’s now on antibiotics and a prescription cough medicine, so that should be improving. However, the x-rays showed a nodule in one of her lungs. It’s not clear the cause–could be a cancer that is metastisizing, could be something more innocuous. Whomever adopts or rescues her should contact us for her x-rays and have them redone in mid-April to see whether the nodule has grown.

My heart breaks for Taylor. She’s a 15 year old who’s confused about being at the pound. She’s sweet and likes being petted (her coat is super soft!) but is obviously missing her family. Taylor does well with calm, older children, but she was startled by an active toddler and didn’t respond well. The owner decided it would be best if Taylor was surrendered since she didn’t have a way to keep her separated from the toddler. She said Taylor is house trained, likes lying in the sun, and gets along with other dogs. She’s a mild-mannered dog but is feeling stressed in her new environment. She has a collapsed trachea and makes a honking sound. When Taylor had her head in my lap and was calm, she didn’t “honk” as much, but when she was trotting around the pen or worried at the gate, it was more prevalent. Taylor is a sweet girl, and I hope she finds a quiet and loving home where she can enjoy the rest of her life.

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