50926 & 50927 – Peebee and Jay

Medical Case

2-4 months
5.2 pounds and 2.8 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 2/5
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Update 2/4: As it turns out, Peebee and Jay have demodex (not contagious), but it will still take some time for their fur to return. Since it was a warm day, we took them outside. Wow, they had a great time running and tumbling with each other. They also made lots of time for cuddling. Peebee and Jay are super sweet, fun-loving pups!

Update 1/30: I spent more time with Peebee and Jay today and asked for gloves to handle them (until we know about their skin disorder). They were as sweet as I thought and both wanted to cuddle! Like most puppies, they wanted to be loved, and I loved being with them. They’re absolutely precious!

Peebee and Jay are tiny pups in need of TLC! They just came in today, so we don’t know what’s going on with their skin but will update their page when we have further information. What we do know is that they’re little sweeties. At present, there’s a sign stating that they can’t be handled, but when I opened their kennel gate for a few pictures, Peebee’s tail was wagging and he stepped forward like he was ready to be held. Little Jay was snuggled in his bed, and I bet he likes to cuddle. They’re only available to rescues, so let’s hope they are rescued soon!