50881 – Sneezy

4-6 Months
FIV- & FeLV-

Why choose me?

Meet Sneezy! She and her sister, Snow White (ledger #50883), have gorgeous long hair and look like little lions!  They were both extremely afraid, when they first arrived at the shelter, and they still really don’t care for being here. Neither of these cats are aggressive (no hissing, growling, swatting or biting), they are just very timid. We can tell that they are not feral, and just need to live in a home where they can continue learning to trust humans.

Sneezy has lighter-orange fur than her sister, and she is the braver of the two, while Snow White has darker orange fur, and she is still very tentative and tends to hang out behind Sneezy. The good news is that dedicated staff and volunteers have been working to socialize both cats, and they are definitely starting to come around. If you are patient and move slowly, you’ll see that both Sneezy and Snow White enjoy being petted.  It may be better if they are adopted together, because Sneezy is more confident, and seems to lead the way for Snow White in trusting humans. All these little lionesses need now is a patient person or family who will give them a relaxing place to call home. Can you help these sweet sisters out?