50844 – Kayla

1 year
Female – spayed!
43 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 1/12
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Why choose me?

Update 1/12: Kayla is back. Being a husky, she’s smart and figured out how to get out of her crate and tore up some things. She needs a heavy duty crate and someone familiar with huskies who can work with her. She really is a super sweet dog who loves playing fetch, getting belly rubs, and being with her people. She’s still looking for her perfect match!

Update 12/27: Kayla was adopted but surrendered because she doesn’t like being left alone. She always seemed to like other dogs when she was here before, so maybe being in a home with another friendly dog may help. She’s house trained and crate trained but can chew on things when she’s not being supervised, so she needs guidance in learning which things (like toys and chews) are appropriate for chewing. She should also be an inside dog since she can dig under or jump a fence. Kayla is a sweet dog who’ll be a great companion for the person or family who’s the right match for her!

Update 12/5: Kayla has settled in and is showing what a sweet dog she is. She LOVES belly rubs. Now, instead of trying to find her freedom, she enjoys her time in an interaction pen and likes being loved on. At first, she’s not too sure of being petted on her head, but if you start with her back and work your way up, she’s fine with it. Today, Kayla impressed me with how sweet she was with Starla in the pen next to us. Starla is a puppy and was crying at the fence to join us. Kayla trotted over to check on her and nosed her through the fence. It was adorable. Kayla is a wonderful girl who just needs to be an inside dog. She keeps her kennel clean and takes care of her business right away when she’s outside, so she may already be house trained.

Kayla is a gorgeous dog! She’s in good shape for being on her own for three weeks and was adept in eluding the different people who tried to take her to safety. As it turns out, she’s an escape artist which is probably how she ended up on her own. Kayla is sweet, gentle, and smart–smart enough to figure her way out of a fenced area. She tried digging under the interaction pen gate to squeeze out, and when a volunteer put a bucket of water over where she was digging, she lifted her paw to try to turn it over to move. So it’s obvious that Kayla needs to be an inside dog who’s supervised when she’s outdoors. She’d come to me when I clapped my hands and called her, and she welcomed a few pets before going off to explore or watch other dogs. She likes going for walks, and she also liked trotting with Midnight along the fence. She’d do well with an adopter who enjoys jogging or long walks and who can challenge her to use her “smarts” in ways other than escape!