50799 – Dobby

Medical Case

Watch Dancin’ Dobby’s video!

4 years
Male – neutered!
53 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 1/9
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Update 2/9: Dobby was tested with the shelter cats today and, while there’s no guarantee he won’t chase if a cat runs, at least in a controlled setting he was unperturbed by them.

Update 2/8: Hanging with my best boy Dancin’ Dobby today. He’s a unique-looking pup, a wide body with skinny legs and flappy ears; he looks soooo serious–until he finds out you have treats! Then he’s all fun and funny dance moves! If you try to find him in his kennel, you’ll need to look in the back; he’s so low key that he’s happy to curl up inside until he knows he has a guest. We’re looking for a fantastic home or rescue for Dobby–only the best will do for our little elf-pup!

Dobby is a sweet and loyal little elf of a dog. He’s short and wide and loves to cuddle up–he doesn’t understand he won’t fit in your lap! He’s a low-key low-rider who is friendly with both people and other dogs; he’s happy just to stretch his legs outside. He does his best to keep his kennel clean so he should be easy to housetrain.

While Dobby was impounded in early January, we’re just posting him now (a month later) because he spent his first month at Firehall 4 Animal Hospital getting lots of TLC. When he came to the shelter, he was in rough condition; he was too weak to stand and his body temperature was so low initially it took 2 hours under a heated blanket to get it high enough to register on a thermometer! He has been diagnosed with atypical Addison’s disease and low thyroid levels which means he takes a steroid and thyroid medication each day. While inexpensive to manage, there is a risk that Dobby will develop primary Addison’s disease and require further medication in the future.

Dobby is looking for a great family who understands that “special” is the most important part of “special needs”. Come by and meet this great guy today!