50759 – Dawn

Why choose me?

Dawn is a really special kitten, and has already stolen the hearts of our cat volunteers. She was pretty nervous when she first came in as a stray on January 2nd, right after New Years. But if you just spend a few moments with her giving her some attention, she quickly warms up to you. She obviously loves attention and wants to be with you. When our volunteer was photographing the cat in the kennel next to her (after Dawn’s photographs were already done), Dawn actually came up to the front of her kennel, and started making biscuits and nursing on her blanket. She was so cute and absolutely irresistible. You should check out the video on our Facebook page, and then come meet her in person yourself. And did we mention how pretty she is? She’s a brown tabby, but she’s a very light brown, almost golden looking tabby. We don’t see many like her, so apply ASAP for the chance to take this cutie home!