50757 – Storm

Born approx. 9/28/18
FIV- & FeLV-
Rescued – Thanks Circle of Friends!

Why choose me?

Storm is a beautiful gray kitten that was brought in as a stray after being found near an apartment complex. He is new to the shelter and a little reserved, but he seemed to enjoy some pets! He earned his name after the X-men character Storm because of his eye. Thanks to the Athenspets Medical Fund, Storm was sent to Firehall 4 Animal Hospital to have his eye evaluated. It looks like he is recovering from a corneal ulcer that has already cleared up (or started to clear up). He’s coming back to the shelter today with some meds to help him continue to improve, and with any luck, no further treatment will be needed. If his eye doesn’t fully recover, it’s possible that it might need to be removed in the future, but right now, there’s no indication that it’s causing him any pain or issue, so we have every hope that he’ll be able to keep his eye. Luckily for Storm, even if he does have to have his eye removed, it is a very common procedure and will not affect him negatively in the long term! He probably won’t be out front with the rest of the cats for the next few days while he finishes up his treatment, but if you’d like to meet him, talk to shelter staff and they’ll be able to introduce you to him.