50745, 50746, 50747, 50748, 50749 – Mera, Atlanna, Arthur, Vulko, & Manta

Born ~10/27/18
Females (50745, 50746, 50749), Males (50747, 50748)
FIV- & FeLV-
2 Adopted & 3 Rescued!

Why choose me?

Update 12/31/18: Arthur & Mera were adopted today! But Atlanna, Vulko, and Manta still need homes. Stop by and meet these cuties before they’re all gone!

These five kittens are such an adorable group! They are rough and touble and constantly playing with each other. As with any group of siblings, some are braver than others, some are more nervous, some are more calm, and some are more energetic. Generally, the grey tabbies are the calmer and more easy-going of the group. The three brown tabbies are the most playful, but also the easiest to startle. They’re all a lot of fun though, and would love to go home with you either with one of their siblings, with another shelter kitty, or on their own! They’re a little hard to tell each other apart, but here’s our best attempt at describing them:

      Manta is the brown tabby with the lighter, orange coloring in her fur.
      Arthur is the light grey tabby.
      Vulko is the tabby with black fur and very slightly crossed yes.
      Mera is the brown tabby with the longest hair.
      Altanna is the last brown tabby.