50735 – Cassidy

6-12 months
30 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 12/31
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Why choose me?

Cassidy is an adorable pup who’s smaller than she looks in her pictures. She only weighs 30 pounds. When I first met her, she was hiding in the back of her kennel, but once I carried her to the interaction pen where her buddy Butch was waiting, she forgot all about being afraid. They were overjoyed to see one another, and after greeting each other with tail wags and frolicking, they both gave me hugs. I suddenly had a new little friend who gave me kisses when I held her and wanted to stay by my side. Cassidy chased a few toys and loved sitting for treats and being petted. She may be timid when you first meet her, but give Cassidy some time, and she’ll show you what a sweet, affectionate girl she really is!