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2 years
Male – neutered!
69 pounds
Heartworm Treated!
Available as of 12/20
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Batman’s Overnight Update 6/10: There’s not enough words to describe how incredibly awesome this guy right here is! He was chained up to an old satellite dish?his entire young life, but still loves people like its what he was put here to do. He listens! He listens so well❤❤I am pretty sure he wasn’t potty trained being chained up, but after just one day at my house pooed and peed outside the rest of the week❤he loves other dogs!? He’s goofy as all get out?he’s got the squishiest face I’ve ever seen❤He’s crate trained!❤he gives the BEST hugs and kisses???he ducks for bridges when he’s riding in your car, because did you see that thing come outta nowhere!?!??did I say he’s goofy? ????please someone give him a chance to love you❤he’ll do his very best, I promise you that. His name is Batman. He is and has been at Athens GA animal control for 6 months of his short life. It is no place for any dog, specially a good boy, this full of love and devotion to live.

Batman’s Doggie-Day-Out Update 5/17: Batman has been at the shelter for 5 months! He was long overdo for a day out so today he got it! Before he was at the shelter he was chained to a satellite dish, so this guy doesn’t know what a good life is but he got a little taste of it today.
We went for a long hike in Sandy Creek and he got to smell new smells and experience all new things. At 2 yrs old he is past his puppy phase and I thought he behaved like a more mature dog, not like a wild puppy. He was super curious of everything and everyone, even rolling over in front of a bench of people to get some belly rubs. He loves the water and really liked the little chipmunks that would dart away from him, wanting so badly to catch one.
We then went to Petsense Athens GA where he got to peruse the isles of dog toys and treats while being perfectly behaved, just looking and no taking. At the shelter he is not allowed to have toys because he started eating them so this was great to him act differently outside of the shelter. They were even kind enough to donate a bunch of treats, shampoos, food and more to the shelter that I got to take back.
Since he was so well behaved and the fact that I love ice cream, we went to get a blizzard and pupcup. He actually licked the ice cream out of the cup and didn’t try and eat it, something he does do when he’s at the shelter.
Then we went to the shop where he could lay on the sofa and enjoy some treats. He is such a sweet boy and loves being around his humans. He will still require some training since he has never received any but he is eager to learn and knows sit. Please come check him out!

Update 5/5: LOOK WHO’S OUT OF THE CAGE!!!!!
goofy as ever, photogenic as ever.
Today he worked on getting back into shape. Diesel was giving him some pro tips and encouraging him. (I swear in the video he is barking “one more lap”!) Goofy guy still knows how to sit, lays down a lot, and knows how to walk on the harness! He’s ready people! Batman has completed his heartworm treatment and is in his prime for adoption or rescue!!!

Update 4/5: Batman was treated for heartworms (received Diroban shots) yesterday and today. He will be on crate rest for the next month, but is available to adopt or foster if there is an appropriate home available!

Update from Batman’s advocate 2/6: Sunny and 75! You’ve never seen a dog this happy to be soaking up the sunshine! He played for about 3 seconds before plopping himself down and smiling wide! He loves belly rubs and laying out in sun which makes him the perfect dog obviously! If I moved he would follow and lay down wherever I was, truly a people pleaser kind of dog.
Great news! We worked on the leash a little and learned that he is so much better on a harness!! He has learned to sit and wait for me to put his leash on in the kennel and is learning to be patient rather than jump! He’s got the “sit” command down and doesn’t really need the “lay down” command because he does that all on his own?

Update 1/16: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Batman is now neutered and up-to-date on his basic vaccinations!

Update 1/7: For a dog who was never taught manners before coming to the pound, Batman is really coming along! He now sits for treats, walks better on a leash, plays with toys, and likes earning praise and rewards. He’s still strong and pulls on a leash, but at least we’re going in the same direction. He’d also hop on the table to sit for a treat or wait for me to throw a toy. He hasn’t learned to bring it back, but we still had a lot of fun. I’m impressed with what Batman has learned since I first met him, and hope he’s given a chance for a better life where he can continue to learn and find out how good life can be when you’re loved and properly cared for!


Update 12/29: Unfortunately, Batman has tested positive for heartworms. As a result, he is only available to a rescue or to an adopter able to afford the cost of his heartworm treatment (while Athenspets can help with the cost, treatment can cost $500-$800 or more), able to provide him with a calm home environment for his recovery period, and committed to keeping him on monthly heartworm preventative for his entire life. To learn more about heartworms, please visit the American Heartworm Society webpage or talk to your veterinarian.

Batman is a strong, energetic boy who loves to run. As soon as we entered the interaction pen, he made it his mission to see how fast he could take it all in. He was so excited to be out of his kennel that he’d jump up, but I let him know right away that I didn’t like that, and by the end of our time together, he was doing much better. I imagine Batman’s upbringing didn’t include Manners 101, but he’s a smart boy and can learn. Batman has great enthusiasm for life and good times. He needs someone who can appreciate that yet help him with basic commands. He’s a happy dog ready for adventure!


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