50686 – Andre

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3 years
Male – neutered!
58 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 12/18
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Update from Andre’s advocate during his Spring Break from Animal Control: Andre’s halfway through his Spring Break from Animal Control and we all would LOVE if he transitioned from this short-term foster to a rescue or forever home.
Andre is a quiet, affectionate, and sensitive boy: a gentle love bug. He’s been a joy to foster. Each day, we take long hikes in the woods to the Oconee River to dig holes where the good smells are and at night he snuffles next to me on the couch. It’s been amazing to witness his affection for my dog and the people he meets out in Athens, who approach him with wide smiles and exclaim, “I’ve been reading about you on Facebook!” and then commence to love on him.
A huge thanks to everyone who donated money to sponsor Andre. He now has $195 in funds available to a licensed rescue group!!!
Highlights from fostering Andre:
*Andre’s fantastic with my 55lb female American Pit bull terrier. He has shown ZERO signs of aggression and does not attempt to hump. We spend each morning walking in the woods for an hour and a half and he’s happy bumping along next to her. He greets her each morning with a wagging tail and seeks her out on the couch, in the yard, or on the deck to be close to her, but is not pushy. He has a gentle play style.
*With children, he’s been great! He’s met and welcomed pets on his big head from a 3-year-old, a 5-year-old, and a 7-year-old, all in rapid succession and out in the chaos of Creature Comforts Brewery. Previously at the shelter, he spent a longer amount of time with a 10-year-old and 15-year-old and was happy hanging out with both.
*I cat tested Andre with my 17-year-old rescue cat. Andre was behind a baby gate and showed interest in her smell, but did not act aggressively: no lunging, no barking. After my cat went by, he did not fixate on the room she went in.
*Andre does not mark in the house or inside the businesses we go.
*Andre is fine with me petting him while he eats and allows me take his food bowl away and then giving it back.
*In the backyard, Andre’s quiet and does not seek an escape route. He prefers to find a space to nap.
*We are crate training and Andre takes breaks in it without fuss. He’s happiest on the couch, though, and these past three nights he’s slept unsupervised on it. He sleeps quietly through the night and in the morning my dog and I wake him up, to which he wags his tail and then comes wiggling over.
*He eagerly accepts his Martingale collar and walking him in the neighborhood is easy. He shows interest in squirrels, nothing out of the ordinary and is easy to redirect with a verbal cues. With other barking dogs in yards/homes (small and large) sometimes he’ll glance, but most often he doesn’t take notice and just keeps happily moving along in the direction we are heading together.
*In vehicles, he gives me kisses, lies down, places his head on my leg, and promptly goes to sleep. It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is. It’s what he does each time and in that order. Andre does not jump and needs a boost into trucks.
*Andre is food motivated and learned Sit and for focus/bonding excels at: Touch/Hand Targets and It’s Your Choice.
*Andre loves being out in Athens and has been to, and loved on, by folks at: Pulaski Heights BBQ, Creature Comforts (thanks again to the person who shared their experiences with him on AthensPets!!!), Saucehouse BBQ, PetSmart for a longer Adoption Event, Pet Supplies Plus, the UGA Campus and Downtown (thanks to the person who saw him and brought him a small cup of whipped cream from Chick-fil-A!)
Andre’s History: Andre came to ACCAC after being tethered so tightly to a tree that he could not move. The skin around his throat is scar tissue and it will most likely remain the rest of his life. I look at that pink circle around his neck and am moved to tears. Andre is an incredibly special dog to rebound from such an act of cruelty. (This week, Andre’s been catching up on podcasts while I massage Vetericyn antimicrobial hydrogel into his old wounds from neglect/yard living and Coconut oil to hydrate his fair-skin and it’s helping. He’s getting prettier every day!)

Update from an admirer who met Andre when he was on an outing 3/9: I hung out with Andre for a bit at creature comforts yesterday and what a sweet boy 😍. He was so good with all the attention that he got including a bunch of little hands coming to pet him. He seemed pretty much to ignore the other dogs hanging around. He seemed a tiny bit shy but once he got a good sniff of me, he wagged his tail and was happy to let me pet him. This sweet baby deserves a home that will give him all the soft things to lay on and all the warm snuggles.

Update from Andre’s Day Trip 2/4: Andre’s out of his shell so we went for a Doggy Day Out and he did amazing! We grabbed lunch at Pulaski Heights where he met some friendly bipeds and ate (my) brisket (but not my kimchi; sorry, bud). After, we loaded up in the truck, well, actually, I loaded Andre in the truck. Dude’s not a high-jumper and he was fine letting me pick him up. Driving, he laid right down and put his head on my leg, happy to be out with friendly company and the warm breeze blowing in from the cracked windows.We hiked for an hour and half in the quiet woods at Sandy Creek Nature Center and he did great with loose leash walking, much of it in heel (we used a Martingale collar). He got pets on his huge nugget of a head from other hikers.

Update 1/25: Thanks to a special donation, Andre has been neutered and brought up-to-date on his basic vaccinations!

Update from Andre’s advocate 1/21: Hi, I am Andre’s advocate and wanted to share some info. about this sweet, intelligent boy who’s learning that people are OK.
Firstly, the stinker smells great after he got bath number two. I met Andre for this very reason, he stunk and was dirty and his name was on a list of dogs needing baths, which is when I noticed two things: he was shy, and that the fur around his neck was worn away. Shyness explained. (His brother, Andreas, showed the same physical sign of neglect).
I take things slow with Andre and it’s paying off. He’s opening up and it’s magical to witness him be with people and receive and give affection. Andre is trusting, but if people move too quickly, he gets shy and backs up.
Over the weekend, a friend brought her children and he did GREAT! with an 11 year old (who was encouraged to take the interaction on Andre’s terms) and 16 year old teenager.
Andre loves cheese and he’ll sit pretty for it – he did so for adults, children, and teens alike.
He’s not into toys, yet (they’re new to him, like people, and playing) but he’s learning and selected the football and for a little while played, even began to get the zoomies, and was like, wait, I can play with this, I can do this, and it’s OK?!?!
As for interacting with other dogs, he’s a gem. When I get him from his pen, he makes a bee line to say hi to his brother, Andreas, and this weekend, through the fence, he met Pete the puppy (#50860), and lil’ dog, Rosie (#50893). He wagged his tail and wasn’t pushy with either.
If you’re interested in meeting Andre, my suggestions are, bring some treats, take it slow and let the process happen. He’s trusting and smart and would bond quickly with the person(s) who makes the commitment to encourage, love, and work with him on his journey back to being a dog with people.

Andre came in with Andreas and Big Boy. They lived together and look like brothers. I had Andre and Andreas out together, and they are best buds who had a great time stretching their legs and being together outside. They’re good-sized boys but always behaved and never jumped up on me–even when getting treats! Andreas would sit for them right away while Andre liked to hop on two legs (just for a second) before sitting. They were both shy about being petted when I first met them, but that ended when I started sneaking a few pets in with their treats. Andre and Andreas are big, gentle sweeties and I enjoyed being with them. They’re presently sharing a kennel and are happy being together but even happier when a new friend visits and takes them out! (Ask for help taking them out but individually they’re each easy to walk on a leash!)

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