50686 – Andre

3 years
58 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 12/18
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Why choose me?

Andre came in with Andreas and Big Boy. They lived together and look like brothers. I had Andre and Andreas out together, and they are best buds who had a great time stretching their legs and being together outside. They’re good-sized boys but always behaved and never jumped up on me–even when getting treats! Andreas would sit for them right away while Andre liked to hop on two legs (just for a second) before sitting. They were both shy about being petted when I first met them, but that ended when I started sneaking a few pets in with their treats. Andre and Andreas are big, gentle sweeties and I enjoyed being with them. They’re presently sharing a kennel and are happy being together but even happier when a new friend visits and takes them out! (Ask for help taking them out but individually they’re each easy to walk on a leash!)