50649 – Dominic

4 years
60 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 12/18
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Why choose me?

Updatae 12/15: Today a family and their dogs came to meet Dominic (along with a few of our other residents!). We are glad to share that Dominic did great with each of the dogs including a large male bully mix and two small dogs!

Dominic enjoys life at a slower pace. Give him some love and you’ve got a friend who adores you. Don’t expect Dominic to race along the fence with other dogs–that’s not his style. He’d rather mosey around the interaction pen, or even better, lean against you enjoying pets and praise. Instead of a morning jog, Dominic would probably be more into a short walk followed by lots of couch time. He’s a super sweet dog who likes to chill!