50629 – Brendan

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1 year
Male – neutered!
68 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 12/6
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Update from Brendan’s Doggie-Day-Out 1/27: Shelter life is stressful for the dogs and sometimes they need a break from it so they can be reminded what a wonderful life awaits them after the shelter. Brendan has been having a hard time at the shelter, but he showed me what an amazing dog and pet he would make someone today. He showed me that he loves going for long hikes and would make a good jogging buddy. He also showed me that he might be house trained, he did great indoors without any accidents and waited until we were outside. He has a great willingness to learn and picked up on things quickly.
I don’t want the shelter to be this sweet boy’s final stop. He would love to show someone how wonderful and appreciative he would be to whomever rescued him. Please come check him out and play with him for yourself and see if he is the missing piece of your pack.

Update 12/23: Brendan is a more confident dog than when I first met him. He’s also more energetic and likes to play. When we enter an interaction pen, he looks for two things–treats left behind and toys! Today he found a stuffed toy that became his favorite. After running around with it for a time, I had him hop on the table to trade it for a treat. It became a fun game, and we had a great time! Sometimes Brendan forgets his manners and jumps up, but he responds to correction and rewards (treats and praise). He’s also been grabbing the leash when I take him out or back, but I imagine that will end when he’s out of the pound setting. Brendan is a sweet, fun buddy, and I hope he finds his special person or family soon!

Update 12/18: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Brendan is neutered and up-to-date on his basic vaccinations!

Update 12/6: Brendan was adopted, but his adopters changed their mind, so he still needs a forever home. Here’s an update from another volunteer:

Brenden is very playful! He gets a little excited and wants to play rough at times, but he is very tame for a treat. He will sit on command and will instantly become a model for the camera. He doesn’t seem to want to play with toys all that much unless you have interaction with him involving the toy. He loves tug of war. He does pull a little on his leash because he’s super ready to go play. He went into the interaction pen with no problem and knew exactly what to do! He doesn’t seem to mind other dogs around him. He will take treats gently out of your hand and definitely seems to be very happy to give hugs as well!

Brendan is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet! He’s a gentle boy who wants to be loved and will lean against you as you pet him. The person that found him said he’s a good dog, and Brendan must have felt right at home because he hopped in the shower with him! I have to say his handsome brindle and white coat was very clean. Brendan was friendly to other dogs he met at the fence and even stopped at Chaz and John-John’s kennel gates to say hi when I walked him back to his run. It was a rainy day, and my pictures don’t do him justice, but you can come to the pound to meet Brendan and see what a handsome sweetheart he really is!

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