50623 – Ginger

1 year
12 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 12/11
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Why choose me?

Ginger is adorable with just the right amount of sass! She was worried about all the barking coming from the kennels, but instead of cowering in the interaction pen, she charged in running and barking to let everyone know she was there. She soon learned she didn’t have anything to worry about; both Tank and then Goose were friendly at the fence, so she didn’t hesitate to visit with them. Ginger likes stuffed toys and had a great time running around the pen with a favorite one. She enjoyed teasing me, and as soon as I’d reach for it, she’d take off running then stop to see if I was following. Once she tired of her game, she was ready for some lap time. Ginger is a sweet, fun dog who’ll keep you entertained!