50617 – Brock

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3 years
Male – neutered!
48 pounds
Treated for Heartworms
Available as of 12/10
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Update 4/10: Brock has finished his heartworm treatment and loves every minute that he’s outside playing with friends and lounging in the sun. He loves toys, but I think his favorite is a Kong Jumbler ball. He’d chase it every time that I threw it and couldn’t wait for me to throw it again! Of course, he also thought he should have some time to chew on it, so I’d trade a treat for it to continue our game. Brock is a great dog. He’s fun, well-behaved, and a real sweetheart!

Update 3/9: Brock recently received his Diroban to treat his heartworms. He will be on crate rest for the next month, but ask staff if you want to meet him!

Update 1/9 Brock’s Day Trip: Brock and I had a day about the town all around Athens! We started at Lowe’s on the east side, where Brock did GREAT walking throughout the store and greeting several people who thought he was a very handsome boy! He was unphased by all of the commotion and the forklifts, and he was mesmerized by all of the sights and sounds throughout the store. He also did very well at Tractor Supply, and due to his quick thinking, was able to score some loose pieces of kibble in the dog food section! One of the employees there was very fond of Brock, and commented on how good of a dog he was! After quick stops at Best Buy, Dick’s, and PetSmart, we finished with an hour long play session at one of the private dog parks at Sandy Creek park. As usual, Brock loved playing fetch with the tennis balls, drank plenty of water, and really tired himself out! Overall I could not been more impressed with how well he did with navigating his way through busy and unfamiliar territory!

Update 12/22: In some bad news, Brock has tested positive for heartworms. As a result, he is only available to a rescue or to an adopter able to afford the cost of his heartworm treatment (while Athenspets can help with the cost, treatment can cost $500-$800 or more), able to provide him with a calm home environment for his recovery period, and committed to keeping him on monthly heartworm preventative for his entire life. To learn more about heartworms, please visit the American Heartworm Society webpage or talk to your veterinarian.

Update 12/16: I met Brock today and fell in love with him! He is such a charming boy with a sweet disposition. While in the pen, we played with some toys for awhile. I watched him while he play-attacked the toy from all angles! It was so fun to watch him having a great time! It looks that at some point Brock’s tail was broken, but it has healed over and doesn’t seem to bother him. His tail was wagging furiously while I gave him ear scratches and hugs. 🙂 Please consider welcoming Brock into your home for the holidays, he has endless love to share!

Brock is the cutest little guy! He’s also a good-natured dog. When another dog in the adjoining interaction pen wasn’t too friendly to Brock, he didn’t let it bother him and went about his merry way. Then Remi became his new neighbor, and it was instant friendship. They didn’t race like so many do but trotted along the fence together. Actually, Brock pranced—he was so happy! They were adorable. Brock was also good with me sitting patiently for treats and enjoying being loved on. When we left, he wanted to stop by several kennel gates to say hi to other dogs. Brock is a great dog who wants to be everyone’s friend!

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