50595 – Pepé

3 years
11 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 12/3
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Why choose me?

Pepé is all sweetness! I honestly fell in love with him right away. He followed me around, LOVES being held and petted, and is smart. He didn’t want treats but he did come to understand that I wanted him to get on the table and would hop up every time I patted the table and said, “Get up here.” He also understood that he’d get some extra pets and love when he did. Pepé is adorable and has a white stripe atop his head which reminded me just a little of a skunk. There’s nothing stinky about this fellow, though, he’s a sweetheart! I didn’t keep Pepé outside too long because it was rather chilly, but I did love every minute we spent together. Whoever adopts him will have a super little buddy!