50505 – Homer

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Medical Case

2 years
70 pounds
Heartworm positive 🙁
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Update 11/20: Homer surprised me today by joining me in a game of fetch. He still liked lounging on the picnic table being loved on afterwards, but it was fun watching him charge after a ball and then bring it back for a treat!

Update 11/17: Unfortunately, Homer has tested positive for heartworms 🙁

Homer knows how to make himself at home. After a leisurely stroll around the interaction pen, he joined me on the picnic table and leaned against me as I petted him. Comfortable on my blanket, he decided he’d stretch out and make a nest for himself. He started bunching up the blanket to get it just the way he wanted it and was so content that when it was time to go, he didn’t want to leave. Homer is a big, gentle dog. He came in with Bart. I don’t know if they lived together or were palling around when they were found. It doesn’t seem to take much to make Homer happy–a soft blanket, some pets and back rubs, and good buddies work for him!

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