50419, 50420, 50421 – Will, Carlton, & Hillary

Born approx. 8/29/18
50419 & 50420 (Male), 50421 (Female)
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 11/7/18
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Why choose me?

Will, Carlton, and Hillary – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Kittens – are my absolute favorites at the shelter right now. When you first come up to their kennel, they’re a little fearful. Will (the buff tabby) and Hillary (the grey) tend to hang back while Carlton (the grey and white) is the first to come forward and meet new people. But as soon as Carlton lets them know you’re ok, the other two kittens will be on top of you. It’a almost like they flip a switch in their heads – it’s that fast! It’s so fast, that little Hillary (the tiny grey) literally fell out of their kennel into my arms. She was so adorable in her attempts to get attention.

These loving kittens came in with their mother, Viola, who is also now looking for a home of her own. She’s the beautiful calico in the kennel below them. Hillary is the runt of the litter, and I’ll admit that I’m worried about her. Staff are supplementing her feeding with KMR, but the shelter is a tough place to be for small kittens. In good news, she seems healthy other than just needing to put on more weight. Carlton and Will are both much bigger and seem pretty healthy, although they could also do with some good care. They’re sweet, endearing little kittens, but it’s obvious that they haven’t had the best start to life (despite their mom’s best efforts) before coming to the shelter. Even if you can’t adopt these guys, they could really use a foster family!