50361 – Norman

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Medical Case

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4 years
Male – neutered!
62 pounds
Heartworm treatment in process!
Available as of 10/19
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Update 12/10: Norman is going through heartworm treatment right now so he can only go out on leash. He would prefer to be playing with a tennis ball, but he’ll settle for a walk and pets. He has energy that he wants to get out so he shows off how high he can jump, but doesn’t jump onto people, just straight up in the air! His favorite thing is when someone crouches down to his level and loves on him. He is a sweet boy that I think will blossom when he has a home to call his own.

Update 11/26: Norman will be on kennel rest for the next month while he recovers from his heartworm treatment. Please wish this sweet boy well during his recovery!

Update 11/12: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Norman is now neutered and up-to-date on his basic vaccinations!

Update 10/22: Unfortunately, Norman has tested positive for heartworms 🙁 Please consider a donation to our Medical Fund to help with the expenses of treating Norman’s heartworms and those of our other dogs that test positive.

Norman is an exuberant ball of canine joy! He couldn’t wait to get out of his run and have fun. He also loved getting yummy treats, and he sat for me every time that I asked. He really enjoyed the toys and carrying them around — the Kong and then the frisbee. He readily ran and got the frisbee when it was thrown, but he needs a little work on bringing it back. We had some fun playing keep-away with it! Norman will be a great fit for someone who would like a dog to accompany them on exercise and other active adventures. He has a beautiful brown and white coat with large brown patches, and big, amber eyes. He’ll make someone a wonderful friend and companion. Come visit Norman — he will be SO happy to see you!

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