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1 year
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50 pounds
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Update from Remi’s advocate 2/4: Happy national unchain a dog month!! Remi was freed in October, but she is still on the hunt for her forever home. She stayed with a human family this weekend and did great. She did well with their 6 year old daughter and also with their 2 cats! Please consider helping my friend!

Update from Remi’s advocate 1/24: Remi is still on the hunt for her forever home. I don’t know how this sweet girl hasn’t been snapped up yet!! Remi is extremely smart, and knows sit, down, roll over, stay, and leave it! She loves stuffed animals and tug of war, but is a little chunky and tires out before too long. She’s independent but friendly, and is happy to snuggle or chill on her own. She is, in all seriousness, one of my best friends in all 20 years I’ve been alive. I love her more than I can ever say…please someone give my girl a chance.

Update 1/4: Remi is out of the shelter and hanging out at Waggin’ Tails, looking for an adopter or foster. Please email us if you’re interested in meeting her!

Update 12/10: Remi is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. She is a superstar whenever we go to events, and she loves nothing more than getting pets. She is happy to run and play for a few minutes, but once she gets her wiggles out she’s a complete and total lovebug! She also knows sit and almost has down and roll over mastered as well! She’s a beautiful, smart girl with a lot to offer.

Update 10/31: Remi is such a good dog! She was suspicious of people when she first came in to the shelter–being chained to a crate in a backyard will do that to a pup. However, once she realized that folks at the shelter are there to feed and play with her, she relaxed and showed her true personality. While she can be a little standoffish with new people, waiting to make sure they aren’t going to hurt her, she warms up quickly and, once she knows you, she becomes a wiggly, happy girl! She doesn’t even mind playing dress-up and being pushed in a baby stroller (for Halloween, of course!) or being bathed–as long as you’re loving on her, she responds in kind. It’s so wonderful to see the transformation neglected dogs make once they get a little positive attention!

Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Remi is now spayed and up-to-date on her basic vaccinations!

Remi is a gentle sweetie. When she first came to Animal Control, she was petrified and not ready to leave her kennel but now welcomes being with new friends. She loves treats and scratches along her back sometimes snorting with contentment. She and Chumlee hit it off and there was matched play bowing at the fence. When Remi wasn’t playing with Chumlee or taking a quick sniff around the pen, she was with me putting her head in my lap or sitting quietly by my side. She loves being with people so much, now, that instead of not wanting to leave her kennel, she doesn’t want to go back! Come meet this brindle beauty and see if she’s the best friend you’ve been looking for!

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