50265 – Ric Flair

3 Years
FIV+ / FeLV-
Available as of 10/8/18

Why choose me?

Ric Flair came to the shelter as a stray, but we are fairly certain that he once had an owner or lived in a home, because he’s super friendly, and wants lots of attention.   This guy is particularly charming because of his chubby tom-cat face! Even though it looks like a “scowl” in some of his photos, it’s just that he has such fluffy cheeks that his eyes are almost covered with fur.  Ric is a really big boy, and the shelter kennel is a bit cramped for him… so I let him roam freely for a bit so I could learn more about his personality.  While Ric was exploring the cat room, he didn’t seem to mind the presence of other cats at all.  I can tell that he’s a relaxed, laid-back kind of guy, and should easily transition into a new home, without any trouble at all.

One thing to note, is that this gentle giant is FIV-positive, which just means that he has a weaker immune system than FIV-negative cats, so he needs to live in an indoor-only home, to avoid the potential risk of disease/infection that comes with going outdoors.  Other than that, FIV-positive cats tend to live normal lives and have a normal length of life.  Plus, they can coexist just fine with other cats.  If you adopt him, we bet that Ric will follow you around the house, as he has some very dog-like tendencies.  You’ll be Ric Flair’s forever hero if you’ll just adopt him into your indoor-only home today!

To learn more about adopting an FIV+ cat, please click here.