50259 – Chaz

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3 years
Male – neutered!
50 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 9/21
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Why choose me?
Update 11/10: This boy. He was loved by someone once. It is very evident. He also got to enjoy car rides once, because he absolutely loved riding. Chaz is a great boy, and hams it up for anyone that will give him a pet! He also loves wearing clothes. He was a little people pleaser today at his first ever outing since being at animal control…. He sure would love to be in his FURever home by Thanksgiving! Could that be with YOU? His previous owner said he was housebroken and lived with kids. It’s hard to know if he is housebroken, but I can tell you he definitely loved humans of all ages that approached him today, big and small. He was polite in the store, not giving into his curiosities, and only browsing without grabbing ❤️.

Update 10/25: Thanks to donations to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Chaz has been neutered and brought up-to-date on his basic vaccinations!

Update 10/11: I had already gotten my keys and made it to my car when I realized I forgot to take out Chaz today…. He was supposed to be my first visit today because I didn’t have time to see him yesterday and I got sidetracked with a dog that was too scared to come out yesterday. Anyway as I was about to get into my car I heard him….. He must have seen me and was squealing like a little baby! So yes, I went back inside to grab some Chaz kisses! And boyyyyyyyy was he happy to spend just a few minutes with me! Whoever adopts this boy will never have to worry about not getting enough love! He is a lovebug to the MAX! Go see for yourself!

Update 9/26: Chaz is a wonderful buddy! He’s still a little nervous about being at the pound, but he’s so sweet and affectionate. He rolls over on his back to show how submissive he is, but then he’s wiggling and loving every belly rub you give him. The closer he can be next to you the better–he’s 50 pounds of love! When you first see Chaz, you might think he’s tough. I guess that’s the effect someone was going for when they cropped his ears, but get to know him, and you’ll soon see what a gentle soul he is!

Chaz’s good looks caught my eye right away. While he didn’t hesitate to walk with me to an interaction pen (he probably thought he was going home), he was uncertain about being left at the pound. He was nervous and drooling, and it made me sad seeing him miss his family so much. At first, Chaz only wanted to wander, but then he joined us in the shade. Another volunteer was with us, and she discovered how much Chaz liked having his backend scratched. His tail untucked and was wagging. He’d press his head against her hand as she petted him, and Chaz was feeling better. His former owner said he’s house trained and was good with the children in the home. I bet when Chaz settles in, he’ll be ready for love and playtime. He might even like the pool–he sure was eyeing it like he wanted to hop in! Maybe next time.

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