50249 – Midnight

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1 year
Male – neutered!
67 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 9/25
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Update 12/10: Midnight is the shelter’s go-to dog for dog testing because he is ALWAYS happy to meet other dogs and doesn’t take offense, even if they don’t appreciate his enthusiasm. Thus, we are confident he won’t start or escalate bad behavior. He needs his rough edges smoothed–both homes we know he’s had have chosen to chain him out rather than make him a house dog–but he’s very eager to please; he just needs direction. He’s a volunteer favorite and we’re all determined to help him get a GREAT home this time around.

Update 10/17: Midnight was a crowd pleaser at the Boo-le-Bark Costume Dog Parade and Canine Carnival! He’s such a good boy. I always have fun with Midnight and hope he finds his forever home soon!

When I took Midnight out, he was ready to kick up his heels and have some fun. He’s always been a happy, playful dog, but today he especially needed to stretch his legs and let it all out. Midnight was adopted from Animal Control in May and is now back, his neck raw from and hair worn away from being tethered out. He grabbed a toy and ran circles around the interaction pen. This was his freedom run, and I just stood back and watched. The pets and the “it’s good to see you again” hugs would come later and they did. Midnight has always been one of my favorites. I love his playful nature and joy. He’s also a sweet dog who wants to please and lets you know that he’s happy to be with you. It makes me sad that Midnight hasn’t had a good life, but I have hope that he will be adopted or rescued by someone who’ll give him the home he deserves where he can run, play, enjoy life, and always be loved.

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