50213 – Burt

2 years
Male – neutered!
75 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 9/17
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Why choose me?

Burt is a big, friendly boy who was happy to leave his kennel. It was his first time in an interaction pen, and he had a lot to take in. Travis was next to us playing with a Jolly Ball, and Burt acted like he wanted to play, too. Whenever Travis pushed his toy along the fence, Burt ran with him wanting to join the fun. Stuffed toys didn’t catch his interest, but a tennis ball did. He knew just what to do and was quick to fetch the ball and bring it back. Pretty soon, I had Burt sitting for the ball before I threw it. When it was time to head back, I said, “Let’s go!” and Burt ran to the fence waiting to be leashed. He’s a sweet, fun dog who seems to know some commands. I had a good time playing with Burt, and I bet you will, too!