50186 – Indigo

2 years
40 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 8/31
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Why choose me?

Update 9/21: Indigo has put on some much needed weight. She looks great! (See her latest picture on the bottom right.) She’s also no longer as shy as she used to be; I only have to hold my hand out to her and she comes to be cuddled and loved on. She’s still a sweet and super gentle girl. Indigo has blossomed and is waiting to be someone’s devoted best friend!

Indigo and Tripper are best friends who were surrendered together. They’re both sweet, gentle dogs who enjoy being together. At first, Indigo was a little shy about coming to me, but Tripper stepped up for treats and then pets right away. They liked Nala who was in the pen next to us, so I called her to the fence and gave her a few treats. That got Indigo’s attention, and she decided that if Nala and Tripper were taking treats from me, she might like a few as well. She did and began to trust me enough to be petted. Neither Indigo nor Tripper have had the best care. You can even see Indigo’s ribs. Now that they’re eating regularly, they should put on some weight. Their former owner said that they’re good with kids and had been with children whose ages were newborn and up. They also lived inside and are house trained. Indigo and Tripper are sweet, good-hearted dogs who need homes where they’ll be cared for and loved!