50178 – Gibbs

1 year
76 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 9/6
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Why choose me?

Update 8/29: Gibbs seems to have settled in at the pound and didn’t try to jump the fence today. Besides getting attention from me, he found a playmate. He and Scout had fun running along the fence together. Gibbs enjoyed playing so much that he’d wait at the fence while she took a water break hoping that his friend would return. I still think that Gibbs can probably jump a regular fence but maybe having a playmate helps keep that off his mind!

Gibbs is a handsome, friendly dog. When I sat down and told him he was a good boy, he saw that as an invitation to get in my lap to give me a hug. A 76-pound lap dog is a little too much for me, so Gibbs was happy to settle for pets. He enjoyed watching other dogs and running around the interaction pen and then decided he’d had a good time, and it was time to go home. That’s when Gibbs started trying to jump the fence. He’s a strong dog with long legs, so jumping his own fence at home may have been how he ended up at the pound. I know Gibbs is missing his family and hope he’s reclaimed. If not, he’ll need a new family to play with and love—hopefully, one who’ll let Gibbs be an indoor dog or have a fence he can’t jump!