50175 – Lyle

6-12 months
47 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 9/4
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Why choose me?

When I stopped at Lyle’s kennel, he was excited to meet a new friend and ready to check out his new environment. After entering the interaction pen, it didn’t take much to get him interested in playing, and he chased the first two toys I threw for him. Then Lyle decided that it was just too hot to be running around chasing toys. At first, he lounged by the water bucket and tried a dip in the pool, but he was still in the sun. Then I had him join me in the shade of my umbrella. That was the ticket, and Lyle spent the rest of our time together lying next to my chair. That had some benefits because he could enjoy some pets and scratches along his back. Lyle is a sweet boy who likes to play, but he can also appreciate some quiet time to relax and enjoy being with a friend.