50162 – Amber

4-6 Months
DSH / Siamese-Mix
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 9/18/18


Why choose me?

Meet the shelter’s odd-eyed beauty, Amber!  She is named after the stunning color of her right eye; her left eye is sparkling blue.  Amber is a dainty, fine-boned young lady, who has a lot to say! As soon as you enter the room, she will be sure to tell you what’s on her mind.  Not only is Amber unique and beautiful, but she’s also got a real gem of a purr-sonality.  This cheeky young lady is certain to follow you around the house. If you want a dog-like cat, who constantly wants your attention, Amber is a great choice.  Odd-eyed cats are said to bring good luck – and Amber cannot wait to be your good luck charm, if you’ll just invite her into your home!