50152 – Pumpkin

**Special $25 Adoption Fee! Long-Term Resident – Black Cat Promo!**

4 months old
Male – neutered!
FIV- & FeLV-
Available as of 8/30/18. Owner Surrender!
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Why choose me?

Update 11/28: Thanks to a donation to the Spay/Neuter Fund, Pumpkin has been neutered and brought up-to-date on his basic vaccinations!

Pumpkin was surrendered along with his siblings Latte & Spice. These 3 kittens are a little shy at the shelter (they’ve only been here a few days now), but they are extremely sweet and love to be held. Pumpkin is the shyest of them all and still generally prefers to hangout behind his siblings until he’s sure everything’s ok, but if you just pick him up and love on him, he’s very gentle and sweet. Pumpkin and Spice are almost identical, but Spice has yellow eyes, and Pumpkin still has the blue/green eyes of kittenhood. It’s very possible that his eyes will change to a golden color like his siblings once he gets a bit older, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Come meet these cuties and consider adopting one or more of them! Two kittens are always better than one so that they’ll have a buddy to play with if there are no other animals in the house, but it’s much more important to adopt one of these guys and split up the siblings than worry about adopting two or three of them together if that doesn’t work for your family. These sweethearts just need a home!