50139 – Stoney

Rescue Only

6-12 months
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 8/25
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Update 9/4: Stoney has a new best friend! A dedicated volunteer has been working with him, and now he runs to his gate and can’t wait to come out when he sees him enter the puppy room. He’s not that way with everyone, nor is he ready to be picked up, but he’s making progress. I watched Stoney walk on a leash to an interaction pen and enjoy exploring. He’d run to his friend and was having fun. It was good to see Stoney out of his kennel enjoying himself. He’s not where he needs to be yet, but he’s doing so much better!

Little Stoney doesn’t much want to be at the shelter right now. He spends much of his time at the back of his kennel, as far from people as he can go. His former family reports that he’s sometimes scared of strangers and, at least in the shelter, that’s definitely true. He was curious about the treat I offered him, which is a good sign, and let me leash him without a problem though I ultimately decided not to take him outside as he didn’t seem inclined to walk. For now, Stoney is only available to rescues; he needs an experienced foster who will let him settle in and learn to trust.