50131 – Maple

6-12 months
30 pounds
Heartworm status n/a
Available as of 8/30
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Why choose me?

I was at the shelter the day Maple was brought in. She was terrified, trying to pull back and not enter the office, desperate not to be left behind. The people who brought her in had found her two days before and couldn’t keep her; the fact that she had attached to them quickly enough to not want to leave them let me know that while she might be scared, she wanted to trust people. Sure enough, today when I went by to take her photos, Maple was initially scared and did not want to come out of her kennel. But once I had her out, she quickly decided that hanging out with me, and visiting 4-legged friends at the fenceline, was a great way to spend some time. She’s a neat pup–very polite, with a gentle mouth–who will make someone a wonderful family member!