50099 – Mighty Mouse

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2 years
Male – neutered!
50 pounds
Heartworm negative!
Available as of 8/21
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Update 8/24: We had Mouse meet a few cats, and he was happy and interested, but not excessively focused. (The cats, on the other hand, were not so happy to meet him!) He’s also been friendly with the dogs he has met, sniffing politely with no signs of discomfort. He has a fractured canine with the pulp exposed which we are having removed on 8/27; after that he will need to be on a soft food diet for 2 weeks while he recovers. We are hoping a great rescue has a foster home that can take him in so he can recover somewhere less stressful than the shelter!

Update 8/20: Mighty Mouse is doing so great! His wounds have mostly healed although his pads are still a bit tender so he isn’t yet back at the shelter. He does his best to keep his kennel clean, though he needs to go to the bathroom as soon as he gets out. While he is a bit timid on meeting new people, straining forward with the cutest muzzle-wrinkling and low, fast tail wag, he craves attention and soft touches. Mouse is figuring out his world has changed, and it’s all good!

Just looking at Mighty Mouse makes me want to cry. He has bite wounds all over his stocky body and what appears to be road rash on his left hip. His groin is red and inflamed. The pads of his feet have been torn open and he walks stiffly, favoring his left front leg. But then his tail starts to wag, and he comes forward to say hi, and it’s clear that despite his body, Mouse’s spirit is intact and beautiful. Mouse came in as a stray so we don’t know his story, but we do know he is a supersweet guy who deserves the best in life.

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