50068 – Spock

$145 in sponsorship funds available to rescue group + the cost of his HW treatment is covered!

Watch Spock lovin’ his pool time here!

See Spock sparkle!

7 years
Male – neutered!
66 pounds
Heartworm positive 🙁
Available as of 8/16
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Update 9/14: Spock has a long distance admirer who will cover the cost of his heartworm treatment at Colbert Animal Hospital (or a similarly-priced vet)!

Update 9/4: If you adopt Spock, you’ve got a best friend. I love the picture of Spock with one of his favorite volunteers. Forget his age and watch his inner puppy come out when he’s running, playing with toys, and being loved on!

Update 8/15: Spock is a great dog, and today I learned one more thing about him that’s a plus. He’s friendly to other dogs. He lived with one before ending up at the pound, but he also showed what a nice guy he is when one jumped the fence into his interaction pen. Patience (who’s also friendly) jumped the fence to greet Spock as he entered his pen. It didn’t phase Spock one bit, and they calmly said their hellos. Spock continues to impress me. He may have some gray on his muzzle, but he’s got a heart of gold.

Mr. Spock found his way into my heart today. At first, he was only interested in exploring and checking out all the scents of the interaction pen, but once I stopped him to scratch his neck and backend, that was all it took, and he was joining me at my chair and leaning against me. Spock is a super sweet senior. He truly appreciates any attention you give him and thanks you by being your best friend. He really is an affectionate dog and would lean his head against my arm and place a paw against my foot. If you’re looking for an older dog to share your life, come meet Spock. Get his attention with scratches and pets it won’t be long before you have a devoted companion.

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Anne – $50
Carolyn – $50
Rebecca – $15
Anonymous – $30