50009, 50010 – Svetlana & Tatyana

5 Months
DSH / Russian Blue Mixes
FIV & FeLV status n/a

Why choose me?

“Привет!”  Hi, there, our names are Svetlana and Tatyana.  We are Russian Blue-mixes, and we’d love to move in with you!

Svetlana is the slightly larger kitten, and she has a bit of white on her neck/chest, and on her feet.  Tatyana is pure “blue”.  Both of these lovely young ladies are curious, happy, and playful. They will make “purrfect” guests for most any home.  They seem to like the cats in the neighboring kennels, and should make an easy transition into your home.  They are both gentle and will probably coexist well with children and/or other pets.  At only 5 months of age, these Russian blue-mix beauties are still kittens.  We hope that you’ll consider adopting both of these sisters together, since they are such good friends.